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Postloop - Earn money from posting/Buy posts for your site

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Hi everybody!

Have you heard of Postloop yet? It's a post exchange site owned by Royal Media LLC. In other words, you can pay others to make quality posts on your forum/blog, or earn money from posting on other sites. There's a long list of forums and blogs available, for all kinds of interests.

Is it legit? Can it be trusted? Yes and yes. Here's a screenshot of 2 PayPal payments I've got so far: Content Removed

You need at least 100 posts to withdraw your funds (100 points is $5). It took me 1 day to get 150 points. It's quite easy, and all you need is good English grammar and general knowledge about forums.

If you're interested in joining, click Content Removed. Make sure to read the guidelines before starting. You need to take a 'test' of making 10 posts in the Postloop portal - if your posts are good enough, you'll get approved. English is my second language and I still passed!

Try it out. Either you're a forum manager or a content writer, you'll find it to be a great site!

I'm not trying to spam by any means. This is just an invite to join the site as I'm currently looking for referrals. Thanks.

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