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Becoming a Staff Member

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1 Becoming a Staff Member on Tue Jul 05, 2011 3:34 am


Lead Administrator
Lead Administrator
At Overflow, we are constantly looking for new people join to our team of 'Enforcers' who are just regular members but with moderation powers. They help out the community by enforcing the rules and dealing with rule breakers. Anyone can become an Enforcer, as long as they fulfil the expectations which are:

...you are a likeable person with a good reputation on the forum.
...you are able to work well as a team. Co-operation is key!
...you are able to deal with problems that may arise on the forum i.e. a serious incident.
...you have some experience at moderating / administrating forums.
...you are active on Overflow.
...you have not previously asked for a staff position.
...you have little to no offences on your account.
...you are helpful and an awesome person in general.

Please note: we do not accept recommendations from users although if we do see someone who is worthy of Enforcer-status then we might offer them a position through PM. Of course, they are free to accept or refuse.


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