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Do you Role-play, or do you wish to learn?

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1 Do you Role-play, or do you wish to learn? on Wed Jun 20, 2012 1:53 am


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Overflow Member
I am posting this in the news section in hopes that people will read this and want to get involved.

After arranging a role-play guide for you all, (your welcome, btw) I decided it was time to boost up the activity that was in the Role-play section. It is completely empty, and I am afraid that if I make a role-play no one would join it, so thus, I have decided to recruit you all to the wonderful world of role-play. 😉

The only current avid role-players that we know of here are me and Leah7. I am willing to put together a group of people who wish to help bring activity to the role-play section. If anyone doesn't know how to role-play, now's the time to get involved. You can start by reading the role-play guide and becoming familiar with the rules. You can contact me or leah7 (who infact, is a moderator. Not VIP) and we would be glad to help you. From there, use your imagination to create a role-play!

I hope you guys know that this is not just going to be an over night thing. It will take time and determination to not only role-play, but to actually get people involved and actually show an interest in role-play. It's time to let newer and younger people learn how to role-play and take interest in it. Role-playing is fun and puts your mind to work. Not only can you make friends while your at it.

For those of you that decide to join, you will be welcomed into the 'Overflow Role-player Society', have a cool flashy userbar stating your exclusive membership to the group, and a group only discussion where you can plan private role-plays amog your selves. You have to be active to stay in the group, not only in the rest of the forum, but also in the Role-play section. Failing to do so will result in permanant termination from the group.

So, with that said, who is interested in role-playing and joining the group? We would love to hear your feedback!

Love you,

Teapot | Global Moderator

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