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Role-play Guide

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1 Role-play Guide on Mon Jun 18, 2012 3:26 am


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Role-play Guide

Hey there kiddies! Welcome to the roleplay section. I have advised a guide for all of you guys out there who do not know how to role-play or would just like to know more information on Role-playing. :bigsmile:

Useful Terms

During your Role-play adventure, the following terms may be used frequently. Use 'em if ever needed.

Bunnying: Verb. To move another person’s character.
Godmod: Verb.
--1: To control characters, elements, or factors in an RP to work to your advantage.
--2: To keep your character perfect, invincible, or otherwise unfair.
One-Liner: Noun. A post that describes only one action, contains only one line of dialogue, or is incredibly short or unnecessary.
OOC: Adjective. Out Of Character, also Out Of Context. OOC posts are the posts that don’t have anything to do with the story, such as the profile, or a message between players tagged on at the end of an IC post.
IC: Adjective. In Character or In Context. IC posts are the actual RP posts.
GM: Noun. Game Master. The GM is allowed to Godmod (Definition 1 only). He ultimately makes the important decisions and can override anything. The GM is always the thread owner.

How to Role-play

A lot of times, Role-playing is often easy for people. But sometimes, others might find it quite difficult. Try basing your Role-plays off of books you read. For example, say you read a Harry Potter book and would like to base your Role-play off of that. You might want to create something that is similar in contex to the book, but spice it up in your own way. Instead of Hogwarts, it could be Loglorts.

Step one
Start by using your imagination to create a Role-play. Like I said, you can use books as Role-plays. You can even create a Role-play off your favorite T.V. show.

Step two
Next create a topic. Start by typing the name of your role-play as the title. Them Write a description or an opening to the role-play.
And your done!

Character sheets/ Character Skeleton
Some people may choose to approve certain people before they join in their role-play. To do this you must have a character sheet. (See skeleton below for an example of a Character Sheet). Make sure you include your character sheet in the beginning of your Role-play. All of the character sheets are to be filled out and PM'd to the GM of the Role-play.

Character Skeleton-
This is just a breif example of the layout of a character sheet. It's 100% customizable, so be creative!

Weapon type: (For fighting RP's)

If you have any questions, please ask me or Leah7.



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